Horses abandoned worldwide because owners cannot afford them.

The worldwide economic crises is causing the number of horses given up or slaughtered by their owners to skyrocket.

Keeping a horse can be very expensive. Costs include hay, routine veterinarian care, grooming services and boarding if the horse is not boarded at one’s home or ranch.

As the economic troubles persist horses are being given up to rescue organizations. Last year San Bernadino County, California, Animal Care and Control took in 42 horses at the Devore animal shelter. This year, the shelter has already taken in 35, said the agency’s director, Brian Cronin.

“It tells me that more horses are being abandoned and people are still struggling to care for them financially,” Cronin said. “We’re still in a situation where horses are displaced on a fairly regular basis.”

The economic crisis in Spain is sending almost 5,000 horses a month to the slaughterhouse and has increased the number of animals abandoned because their owners can no longer afford to keep them.

Veterinarian Carlos Carreira of the agricultural organization Asaja-Malaga said he knows a number of breeders who “are sending all their stock to the slaughter” and that the first to go are the mares.


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